Who is Mooby?

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Mooby is not my real name as you can imagine, and this nickname has a complicated story which I'm not going to tell you here ;-) In real life I'm known as Kenneth J. Günter, though most people simply call me Ken. I'm Swiss and British which explains the strange mixture of my name. I was born the 10th of April 1978 and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, with my two sisters, Sandy and Jennifer.

In March 2003 I finished my undergraduate studies in Physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. From October 2000 to June 2001 I studied at the University of Granada, Spain. Have a look at some photos taken during that great time! Back at ETH I did my diploma thesis from November 2002 till March 2003 in the Quantum Optics Group. In May 2003 I started my PhD in the Cold Atoms Group at ENS, Paris. Since May 2004 I continue my PhD work in the Quantum Optics Group at ETH.
In my spare time I like playing the saxophone, doing sports or working on my Mac. However, I always prefer to spend my time with friends.

For about one year I worked as a WebPublisher for NovaNet, an Internet Consulting company, later some time for Elreko AG. I'm still looking out for new projects to design Web pages. For more information about this topic I refer you to my WebDesign section.

The picture shows me in my best years in my mother's arms. By the way, I gave up smoking some years ago...
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